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Pioneer Maritime Solutions PVT.LTD.

Pioneer Maritime Solutions Pvt.Ltd is dedicated to performing a high level of quality service in the non - destructive testing industry. Our reputation for quality, hard work and experienced professionals has resulted in customers requesting our services for jobs from all around the world even in the building stage of the company.

We have more than surpassed our anticipated sales and look forward to continued growth. The CORE objective is to deliver the services that meet the expected demands of all parties and priority emphasis is shown on the quality within the framework of applicable standards and statutory regulations.

We promise to apply the principal of total quality management as a company with commitment to achieve CORE objective. We pride ourselves on our training, high quality surveys and reports as per the registered norms and policies with regards to the approved certification.


Spar Sirius


Spar Oiron


Spar Neptu


Seamec II


SCI Panna


Spar Lyra